• August 28th, 2022
  • Elul 1st, 5782


Month of Emotions

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Rosh Chodesh Tammuz - Cancer

The month of Tammuz is connected to the astrological sign of Cancer. Kabbalists explain that Tammuz or Cancer is the fourth month in the Hebrew calendar and is one of three months, along with Av (Leo) and Tevet (Capricorn), where the energy of judgement is more direct. Tammuz is often referred to as the month of emotions where the energy can be unbalanced. Specifically, Tammuz is a triple water sign - part of a group of three water signs, itself a water sign and the first water sign of the group (right column energy) - resulting in intensified emotional tendency during the month and for those born under the sign. The sign is controlled by the Moon, the only Hebrew month under the influence of this celestial body. The Moon's act of growing and waning each month creates a further sense of unbalance and Cancerians often experience ups and downs and mood swings - thought to be associated with the lunar phases. We can also see that the crab, the animal associated with the sign of Cancer, walks sideways, unbalanced, and that cancer cells produce in an unbalanced way. This state of high emotion and potential unbalance can be overcome during the month by sharing and finding the good in others. It is as simple as that. All of us can use this understanding to try and go outside of our selves to share more and help others during Tammuz, creating balance to an ego-driven focus on our own emotions.

Letters of the Month - Chet & Tav


According to the "Sepher Yetzirah", the Hebrew letters are spiritual frequencies that created the universe. A different Hebrew letter controls or influences the constellation and planet of the month. By connecting to these letters through meditation we can draw down specific energy to empower and enlighten us. The letters for the month of Tammuz are Taf and Chet. Taf created the Moon and rules over the month of Tammuz. The moon represents Malchut, the physical world of manifestation, where we find end, limitations and doubt. Interestingly, the letter Tav is the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet - also indicative of the end and limitations.

The letter Chet created the constellation of Cancer and is formed by two other letters - Zayin and Vav. These letters created the constellations of Gemini and Taurus, the two prior months. The word Tammuz literally means the "completion of Vav and Zayin", additional connection to the prior months' energy of healing and balance. By meditating on the Chet, we can connect to the positive energy from Taurus and Gemini and overcome judgment and imbalance found in Tammuz. Each month also has a specific "sense" to which it is connected. Tammuz is connected to "sight" and we learn that by using our sense of sight we can see beyond the perceived physical limits and manifestation of the month and connect to the spiritual realm and all that is possible.

Days of Connection in Tammuz

As discussed, the letter Chet created the astrological sign of Tammuz. Chet is pronounced "Het" - which means sin in Hebrew and connects us this month to one of the greatest sins in human history - the sin of the golden calf. The 17th of Tammuz is 40 days after Moses ascended Mt. Sinai on Shavuot to receive the 10 Commandments. Commentators suggest that on the afternoon of the 16th the Israelites grew impatient with his return and built an idol and began to behave immorally. On the 17th of Tammuz, Moses came down the mountain, saw the idol created by the Israelites and smashed the tablets in anger - postponing the universal energy of immortality and endless fulfillment. This date is also associated with the day on which the Babylonians breached the walls of Jerusalem and commences the three week period of semi-mourning known as "The Three Weeks". The Three Weeks commences on the 17th of Tammuz and culminates on the 9th of Av, a date associated with the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temples and several other catastrophes that have befallen the Jewish people throughout history. Other powerful days of connection during Tammuz are the 3rd of Tammuz (Gimmel Tammuz) and the 29th of Tammuz, the Hilulas (death anniversaries) for the Chabad Rebbe and Rashi - two Holy souls. The Rebbe is considered by many to be the greatest Jewish leader of the 20th Century and Rashi is considered the preeminent Torah commentator. On the death anniversary of a Tzaddik we are able to connect to their energy through proper meditation and prayer.

Have a great month and powerful Rosh Chodesh Tammuz! Use the power of sight and the ability to share with others to overcome any sense of physical limitation and emotional imbalance and connect to your higher self.