• August 28th, 2022
  • Elul 1st, 5782

Tu B’Shevat

New Year for the Trees

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What is Tu B’Shevat?

The holiday of Tu B'shevat takes place on the 15th Shevat.  This holiday has great mystical significance and is known as the New Year for the trees.  The same way that G-d is both hidden and revealed, a tree has it's trunk and leaves revealed and its root system hidden or concealed. On Tu B'Shevat, we are able to connect the spiritual and material worlds by combining both energies.  G-d's holiest name, the Yud Key Vav Key is connected to the spiritual realm and has the numerical value of 26. G-d's name associated with the physical realm is Adonai, which has the numerical value of 65.  When combined, we get 91 the same numerical value as Ilan, the Hebrew word for tree. Kabbalists stay up all night and study aspects of the Torah, Talmud and Kabbalistic works that pertain to fruits. Some mystics in Safed have a special Seder of the Fruits in order to correct the original sin of humanity when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge.  The holiday has become like Arbor day too, where kid's plant trees in Israel.  The historical significance is associated with the date on which the tithe of the fruit was determined.  Trees can break through limitations and boundaries and grow tall, opposing and overcoming the limits of gravity.  The full energy of redemption and freedom is manifested on Tu B'Shevat when we join the higher and lower worlds with special connections to the trees.

Have a happy and Light-filled Tu B'Shevat!