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February 23, 2017 | 27 Shevat, 5777
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Yitro - And Jethro Heard

The Ten Utterances provide us with the definitive rulebook for all aspects of our lives and form the basis of society's laws. By understanding the scope of each utterance / commandment, we can put these rules into practice and achieve a life full of blessing and fulfillment. It sounds simple and it is. ...

by Richard Swerdlow on Feb 10 - 05:02 pm UTC

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Beshalach - Portion of Miracles

Things are in our own hands and we have an active role to play in life. Our certainty in our ability to become like G-d, a co-creator in our reality, is how we can achieve anything. G-d delivers the results, but we must put forth the effort. It is truly up to us to achieve mastery in our own lives and then over the physical reality of the universe. ...

by Richard Swerdlow on Feb 05 - 05:02 pm UTC

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The Best Challah!

Bake the best - and connect to the spiritual energy of Challah. ...

by Richard Swerdlow on Jun 29 - 07:06 pm UTC Store   |  Featured Book store

This Holy book written by Abraham the Patriarch reveals the inner workings of the cosmos and the 231 Gates.

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The concept of “keeping” Shabbat is though out the Torah, but is specifically revealed the three initial times times it is mentioned. We see it in the first portion of the Torah, Bereshit (Genesis 2:1) where we read that following the act of Creation, “G-d rested on the seventh day from all His work, which He had […]