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March 30, 2017 | 3 Nisan, 5777
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Vayikra - He Called

No matter how far we stray off our path or run afoul of the Torah's teachings, we can always rebuild our relationships and start again. It is important for children, the seed level of humanity, and all of us to understand this concept of forgiveness and unconditional love from G-d and others in our lives. ...

by Richard Swerdlow on Mar 26 - 03:03 pm UTC

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Vayakhel - Pekudei: Assembling and Accounting

When we are conscious that our sharing brings blessings to both the giver and the recipient, we activate the power of blessing and protection. Conversely, the Zohar states that when we give from empty-handed consciousness or in vain, it is as if we never gave at all and the spirit of holiness is not drawn down into our lives. ...

by Richard Swerdlow on Mar 19 - 09:03 pm UTC

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The Best Challah!

Bake the best - and connect to the spiritual energy of Challah. ...

by Richard Swerdlow on Jun 29 - 07:06 pm UTC Store   |  Featured Book store

This Holy book written by Abraham the Patriarch reveals the inner workings of the cosmos and the 231 Gates.

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The concept of “keeping” Shabbat is though out the Torah, but is specifically revealed the three initial times times it is mentioned. We see it in the first portion of the Torah, Bereshit (Genesis 2:1) where we read that following the act of Creation, “G-d rested on the seventh day from all His work, which He had […]