Torah.com is an online portal dedicated to sharing the wisdom of Torah. Our mission is to elevate the consciousness of humanity to support peace between all people and to empower individuals to achieve endless fulfillment.

Torah.com will deliver the ancient, yet practical teachings of Torah to a global audience of students at all levels of learning and at various levels of spiritual growth and observance.  The teachings will show the interconnectedness of all things and how we are all part of one soul. Everyone that comes into our life and every event that occurs is all for our benefit and to help us grow.

The platform will allow contributors from all Torah backgrounds and disciplines to share written, audio, video and multi-media content and to connect and learn together in real time.

It is our hope that, with blessings from the Creator, we are able to reveal a tremendous amount of Light in the world, tip the global scales of consciousness from dark to light and create an everlasting source of positive spiritual influence.  We will also use the platform as a way to generate revenue to be given away as tzedakah to charitable causes.

The website was developed and is operated by Torah.com Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation”), a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation. We started this project with the certainty that we will be joined along the way by like-minded people with a passion and understanding of Torah.

Please feel free to connect with us at info@torah.com if you’d like to contribute time, resources or money to help us accelerate our mission.

Love and Light,